Hoang Long Hotel

Address: Bo Thoi Town - Khoai Chau - Hung Yen.
Telephone: 03213.920.028 - Director: 0989.507.888.

Hoang Long hotel, locating on the National road no. 39A, is in the center of  Bo Thoi Town, Khoai Chau, Hung Yen. The hotel has modern architecture, consisting of 6 floors with 21 rooms including 10 double rooms and 11 single rooms with unique design and convenient elevator system. Also, Hoang Long hotel provides snacks, wifi, free cable with high speed.
Besides, the hotel has a large luxurious hall to serve for seminars, conferences, weddings, birthday, etc with the capacity of 300 guests.
Coming to Hoang Long hotel, visitors will surely enjoy comfortable holidays.


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