The Culture of Pho Hien

Address: No. 82 Trung Trac street, Minh Khai ward, Hung Yen city
Tel: 02213.552.517/ 02213.537.777
Fax: 02213.552.517
Time: 01 day
Morning: Xich Dang Temple of Literature – Bell pagoda – Tran temple – Mother temple
7h30: Pick up at the rendezvous.
8h00: Depart to Xich Dang Temple of Literature. It is a symbol of the traditional fondness of learning of Hung Yen.
8h30: Go to Bell pagoda, an ancient pagoda in Pho Hien cultural and historical relic group, is considered as “the First ranking of Pho Hien”.
9h30: Visit Tran temple on Bai Say Street. Tran temple is the place to worship Tran Hung Dao, a famous general in the 13th century.
About 100m from Tran temple is Mother temple, one of the most beautiful tourist attractions of Pho Hien.
11h00: Come back to the hotel, have lunch and take a rest.
Afternoon: Hien pagoda – Ancint Longan Tree – Dong Do Quang Hoi – Dai Dong ancient village
13h30: Depart to visit Hien pagoda, Hien communal house and ancient longan tree.
14h15: Visit Dong Do Quang Hoi and Thien Hau Cung, which locate in the center of Pho Hien Ha. This is the meeting place of Chinese merchants to do business in the 16th – 17th century in Pho Hien.
15h00: Go to Dai Dong ancient village by car. Visitors can walk along the road, enjoy the peace and quiet of the scene, explore unique customs of an ancient village in Vietnam with many ancient structures such as stone bridge, Nom pagoda, Tam Giang communal house, etc.
17h30: Come back to Hanoi by car. The tour ends!


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