Red River Tour

Address: No. 82 Trung Trac street, Minh Khai ward, Hung Yen city
Tel: 02213.552.517/ 02213.537.777
Fax: 02213.552.517
Red River is a special river of Hanoi and Vietnam's motherland. The river not only creates the Red River civilization - one of 36 civilizations of the world but also is the largest river systems north of our country and the 2nd largest in the Indochina peninsula.
Travel by Red River Cruise, visitors will have renewed and exciting feeling, enjoy the landscape of charming river, admire the ancient beauty of the riverside temples, visit the residents’ life and visit former Pho Hien commercial port which used to consider as “The first is Kinh Ky, the second is Pho Hien”.
Red River has experienced many historical events of Vietnamese people. During the war of resistance against invaders, Red River remains faithful mirror to reflect the sacrifice and feat of Vietnamese people.
5h30:  Pick up at Chuong Duong Do port.
6h00:  Depart from the port to travel along Red River. Visitor can immerse themselves in the scene of large river, enjoy beautiful scenes along the river and view the ancient beauty of pagodas and temples along the river.
10h30: Have lunch in the cruise.
11h30:  Arrive to Yen Lenh port. Visitors can visit Hung Yen city by car.
12h00: Visit Bell pagoda, which is considered as “The first ranking of Pho Hien”. Then tourists can visit Tran temple on Bai Say Street. Tran temple is the place to worship Tran Hung Dao, a famous general in the 13th century.
About 100m from Tran temple is Mother temple, one of the most beautiful tourist attractions of Pho Hien. Then tourists visit Thien Hau temple. The temple worships Ms. Lam Tuc Mac who had great merits to help civilians, especially fisherman.
14h00: Depart to Da Hoa temple (Khoai Chau district, Hung Yen) by car. This temple worships Saint Chu Dong Tu and his two wives: Tien Dung princess and Tay Sa princess. Chu Dong Tu is one of 4 immortals spirits of Vietnam. The love of Chu Dong Tu and Tien Dung has become one of the most beautiful love story of Vietnamese traditional literature. Da Hoa temple is the place to show love, filial love and no class distinction.
14h30: Tourists can offer incense at Da Hoa temple.
15h00: Come back to Hanoi by cruise ship. The tour ends!


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