Ha Noi – Pho Hien – Ha Noi

Address: No. 82 Trun Trac street, Minh Khai ward, Hung Yen city
Tel: 02213.552.517/ 02213.537.777
Fax: 02213.552.517
Website: hungyentourism.com.vn
Visit cultural and historical relics, enjoy Hung Yen cuisine;
Explore ecological gardens, enjoy Hung Yen longan;
Go camping and join traditional folk games;
Means of transport: Car;
Time: 1 day.

06h30: Pick up at the rendezvous to go to Pho Hien.
08h30: Coming to Hung Yen city, tourists can visit Xich Dang Temple of Literature – a symbol of Hung Yen cultural land.
09h30: Visit Tong Tran temple in Phu Cu district. After that, tourists come back to Hung Yen city to visit Hung Yen museum – a place of preserving vestiges of Pho Hien in the 16th – 17th century such as ancient ships of nearly 150 years, the Qing ceramics and so on. Tourists have lunch with Hung Yen cuisine and take a rest.
14h00: Go camping and visit longan gardens. Visitors can enjoy longan and view lotus, explore the process of dried-longan making, and take part in traditional folk games.
16h30: Come back to Hanoi by car. The tour ends!
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