Promote Tourism Promotion in the Spring of Dinh Dau 2017

Lunar New Year is not only the chance for family reunion but also a chance for spring walk and going to pagoda for praying health and wealth. Hung Yen is a province with many famous historical, ancient and sacred relics, which attracts lots of visitors especially during the New Year and public holidays.

Implementing the promotion plan for tourism in 2017, in order to bring the image of Hung Yen tourism to a large number of domestic and foreign tourists in the early days of Dinh Dau 2017, Hung Yen Tourism Promotion and Information Center establishes a tourist information counter at Chuong Pagoda (Hung Yen city) and Phu Ung temple festival (An Thi district).
Hung Yen Tourism Information counter displays and introduces tourism books and leaflets as well as specialties of Hung Yen province. Besides, in order to effectively promote the tourism of the province, we also introduce Ca Tru singing performance at our tourism counter. This performance attracts many visitors to explore, visit and enjoy.
The tourism promotion activities in the early spring have really brought optimistic effects, contributing to introduce the image of Hung Yen tourism to thousands of domestic and foreign tourists and increase the number of customers yearly to Hung Yen.


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