Hung Yen Tourism Welcomed the First visitors on the Occasion of the Early spring 2017

Implementing the promotion plan for Hung Yen tourism in 2017, in order to show the hospitality of Hung Yen people, Hung Yen Tourism Promotion and Information Center holds events to welcome the first visitors inbound and outbound the country to Nom pagoga (Dai Dong commune, Van Lam district) and Van Gian 300 year-old house (Me So commune, Van Giang district, Hung Yen province) in the early days of Dinh Dau 2017.

At Nom pagoda, Hung Yen Tourism Promotion and Information Center welcomed visitors coming from Xuan Dinh high school (Hanoi). We give flowers, books and leaflets about Hung Yen tourism for them in order to show our hospitality. Besides, tour guide of Hung Yen Tourism Promotion and Information Center introduced cultural and historical values of the pagoda.

At the ancient house, the leader of Hung Yen Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the leader of Hung Yen Tourism Promotion and Information Center held an event to welcome international tourists from Argentina to Hung Yen. Together with presenting flowers and delivering Hung Yen tourism books and leaflets, the Center also held a music program in order to introduce Vietnam folk clause performance such as Cheo sining, Trong Quan singing, Ca Tru singing, etc. These activities attracted international tourists and put an impression into their mind about the culture of Hung Yen in particular and of Vietnam in general.

Visitors coming to Hung Yen are very satisfied and they highly appreciated the cultural and historical relics of Hung Yen. Especially, tourists coming from Argentina are very impressive with the enthusiastic hospitality of Hung Yen people. They assume that they will come back to the ancient house again and they will introduce the house to their families, relatives and friends in the future.
With much effort to promote Hung Yen tourism in the early spring to become an interesting tourist destination, it is believed that Hung Yen tourism will achieve much more success in 2017.


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