Hung Yen has 515 festivals

According to the survey of Hung Yen Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism, Hung Yen province has 515 festivals, including big festivals such as Pho Hien Cultural Festival; Da Hoa - Da Trach festival (Khoai Chau province), Phu Ung temple festival (An Thi district), Dau An temple festival (Tien Lu district), etc.

The province still retains more than 2,000 antiquities. Many fine traditions and customs in the localities have been preserved and promoted, for example, the customs of worshipping ancestors, respecting grandparents, parents and so on.  The folk art performances, especially Cheo singing, Ca Tru singing, Trong Quan singing, drumming, lion dance, dragon dance have been gradually recovered and developed. Many traditional villages have been maintained and developed.
In addition, the elder people who know “Nho” (Chinese character), traditional healers and artisans are also a valuable cultural value of the province, which actively participates in the conservation and promotion of cultural values in general and intangible culture in particular.
The results of the investigation and collection of intangible cultural values of the province are necessary to serve the plan of conservation and promotion of cultural values, which can meet the demands of Hung Yen people and contributes to build an advanced culture deeply imbued with national identity and traditions.


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