Hung Yen are gradually Attracting International Tourists

Locating in the centre of the Northern Delta of Son Nam town in the past, Hung Yen is the land which is famous for its culture and civilization. Coming to Hung Yen, tourists will discover a diversified system of 1778 cultural and historical relics. Especially, Pho Hien Special National relic is the most outstanding relic group. Besides, visitors can explore many traditional villages such as bronze casting, silver carving, etc, and learn about nearly 400 traditional festivals characterized by Vietnamese culture. Moreover, visitors can enjoy delicious Hung Yen specialty like longan, Dong Tao chicken, Ban soybean sauce and so on.

In recent years, the number of tourists to Hung Yen is gradually increasing, especially international tourists. In 2016, there are 11,000 international visitors to Hung Yen. In early 2017, it is the good news for the Hung Yen tourism when the number of international tourists reached thousands of turns. Beside the number of international tourists coming to Hung Yen to go on business or visit their relatives, the pure travelers are very high. Major Hung Yen tourist attractions to attract international tourists include Pho Hien Special National Relic (Hung Yen city), Da Hoa - Da Trach relics group (Khoai Chau district), Me So ancient houses (Van Giang district). In the first few months of 2017, Me So ancient house in Van Giang district has welcomed about 500 visitors.

International tourists visit and explore Me So Ancient house in Van Giang district

Experience and enjoy Vietnam cuisine

Enjoy the traditional folk clause such as Ca Tru singing, Cheo singing…

Despite the small space, foreign guests feel very exciting when they are experienced the traditional values of Vietnamese people. They learn how to roll Spring rolls, pack Chung cake and enjoy the best dishes of Vietnamese New Year by their hands themselves. Especially, they can enjoy and immerse themselves into the atmosphere of traditional folk clause such as Cheo singing, Trong Quan singing, Ca Tru singing. It is the warm and friendly welcome of Hung Yen Tourism Promotion and Information Center that can put strongly impressions in the hearts of international tourists, contributing to promote the endless beauty of Vietnam to the world.

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