Hung Yen’s Trong Quan Singing named Vietnamese Intangible Cultural Heritage

On the morning May 11th at Hung Yen cultural center, Hung Yen Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism hold an event to receive a certificate recognizing its local Trong Quan singing as national intangible cultural heritage. 

Participating the event were Mr. Doan Van Hoa, Head of Hung Yen’s People's Mobilization Committee and Mr. Nguyen Duy Hung, Vice Chairman of Hung Yen’s People Committee.
Trong Quan is folk singing from the Hong River Delta that dates back to the Tran Dynasty (1225-1400). The art form involves a spontaneous back and forth repartee singing accompanied by drums. The witty response of singers on various topics and in different voices is a unique feature of this folk art. The art had close links with daily community activities in the locality. In years gone by, during mid-autumn nights, youngsters gathered at the village's communal house and divided themselves into men and women and sang Trong Quan. Nowadays, many Trong Quan singing clubs have been established as part of the locality’s efforts to preserve the art form.  Hung Yen has six Trong Quan singers recognized as meritorious artists. 
At the event, Mr. Nguyen Duy Hung, Vice Chairman of Hung Yen People's Committee highly appreciates the efforts of Hung Yen Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism in terms of preserving and promoting Trong Quan singing; he also praises the spirit of passion and enthusiasm of artisans and Trong Quan clubs who have contributed much to the preservation and promotion of the intangible cultural heritage of the nation.


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