Xuan Quan Pottery Village

Not far from Hanoi capital, in the midst of the busy life, Xuan Quan pottery village in Van Giang exists naturally and simply like the products that they are making. This place is not noisy and bustling but  peaceful and quiet.  Behind that tranquility is the flames and the heart of enthusiasm of Xuan Quan villagers.
If Hanoi people are proud of Bat Trang pottery village, Hung Yen people are proud of Xuan Quan pottery village. However, the production scale of Xuan Quan pottery village is average, and most of them are developed by each household and hereditary. The villagers concentrate on producing some typical products, developing some different glazes in order to contribute to the variety of Xuan Quan pottery.
The process of production consists of many manual stages; therefore, Xuan Quan pottery is different from other potteries produced in large workshops with modern machines. This difference is limited, but there are many advantages that industrial pottery will not show. It is the soul in each product which is meticulously crafted by Xuan Quan villagers. From raw materials, Xuan Quan villagers have to go through many stages of screening, removing impurities so as to create the soft, smooth and flexible soil. If clay remains impure or it is not well filtered, the product will not reach the standard structure. After preparing the materials, the craftsman began to create the shape of pottery. The rotating turntable is rotated so that the craftsman can shape and glaze the ceramic.

In order not to be interrupted, the craftsman uses his skillful hands to create soft curves for ceramic products. If the polish is not beautiful, the craftsman has to add more clay and water to shape correctly. Because of making pottery by hand without modern machines, it takes lots of time to polish a pottery product beautifully. Time may be a few hours, a day or even some days. For those who have many years of experience with "land", the time can be shortened. After that, the products are put into the kiln at about 800 degrees, enameled and painted. Next, the products are continually put into the kiln at 1200 degrees Celsius from 12 hours to 1 day, depending on each product. The product is cooled down naturally, and then is removed from the kiln. This is a very important step in deciding the quality of products, especially ceramic products. The final step is check and take over; the product is checked quality and classified.
Pottery artisans not only mold the soil, but also send their love of work and soul into the product. Visiting Xuan Quan pottery village, visitors will feel the warmth of Hung Yen people. In addition, visitors will have opportunity to experience how to make ceramics under the guidance of people here. It is one of the motivations and hopes to maintain the pottery village. In the near future Xuan Quan pottery village will become a familiar address to motivate Hung Yen tourism.


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