Thu Sy Weaving Fish-Pot Village

About 60 km from Hanoi, Thu Sy commune in Hung Yen province is famous for its local traditional job of weaving fish pots. It takes visitors only 1.5 hours to drive from Hanoi, on Highway 5 and provincial road 200 to this place.

Weaving fish-pots is the traditional job of people in Thu Sy commune, Tien Lu district, in Hung Yen province. In Thu Sy, from the elderly to children, anyone can make this product from bamboo. It takes approximately up to 20 minutes to weave a product which can be sold at around half a dollar. Every year fish-pot making villages in Hung Yen supply the market with about 650,000 products.

Local people have pursued this job for generations. At present, this traditional job still exists in the two villages of Noi Lang and Tat Vien. This is the major source of living of locals during their free time.
The main market for this product are the sunken areas in Tien Lu district and the neighboring provinces such as Bac Ninh, Hai Duong, Hai Phong...
The fish-pot making job attracts about 500 laborers of Thu Sy village including all kinds of people, even handicapped people with two intact hands. The fish-pot making job is totally manual, requiring small investments but the technique for preparing rattan fibre and weaving requires high skills. The job is not highly potential but can still exist in many upcoming years.


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