Pho Hien Lotus

Lotus has special role and position in terms of both spirituality and culture of Vietnamese. From the past to now, lotus has gone into Vietnamese heart, life and culture. Looking at lotus, we can see and recognize the image of Vietnamese people. There is a folk song as below:

"In the pond, nothing is more beautiful than lotus
Green leaf, white flower and yellow stamen
Yellow stamen, white flower and green leaf
Near mud but it does not stink like mud"

Despite coming from mud, lotus does not lose its inherent elegance. Lotus possesses itself both perfume and color. Lotus's perfume is not strong but soft, which suggests a noble spirit. Besides, lotus's color is discreet, loving with its pinkish white wings and yellow stamen.
According to the Buddhist teachings, lotus symbolizes the Past, lotus pedestal symbolizes the Present and lotus seed represents the Future, the ongoing series. Lotus represents not only the mystical and magical beauty but also deep thoughts. Also, lotus flower symbolizes the indomitability of the honorable man, who prevents himself from the temptation of wealth and fame and keeps himself clean in spite of the mud place.

Apart from the pure and close beauty to every man, lotus also brings many outstanding features in the period of therapy and making beauty. Each part of lotus has separate benefits or it is processed into good food for human's health. For example, lotus has many wings, which are used in soaking tubs (spa therapy) to create comfortable mind. Moreover, the attar of lotus is used to nourish skin, remove dead cells and massage to help blood circulation. Lotus rootstock has similar capabilities, which helps to produce resistant substances so as to create vitality of the cell. Using lotus rootstock as drinking water lotus will detoxify toxin to make the skin more beautiful, and pigmentation spots, freckles and scars will be faded gradually. Lotus shower consists of lotus seeds. According to ancient documents, lotus shower tastes bitter and neutral. It is good for stopping bleeding, curing blood stasis and abdominal pain. People often take lotus seeds in old lotus shower, then dry out, and extract water for drinking so as to cure these above diseases. The center of lotus seed which is bitter is used to delirium of fever and high blood pressure. It is also used with tea to cure insomnia and help sedation.
Lotus leaf, which is bitter and neutral, is used to treat sunstroke, haemorrhage caused by high fever and fever illness in the summer. Fresh or dried lotus leaves, which are cut smoothly, can be used to cook porridge simmered with white sugar. This dish can reduce heat effect, blood pressure and cholesterol. This is a very good food, which is appropriate for eating in hot weather.

Lotus seed is valuable medicine, which brings either nutritious effects or sedation, especially used to treat diarrhea. Additionally, lotus seed can enhance the stomach function, ensure nutrition and regulate food intake. Furthermore, lotus seeds contain iron, calcium, starch and especially phosphorus spectrum, which are often used to treat dysentery, tachycardia, urine turbid and women's diseases.
Up to the present, Hung Yen has been famous for caged longan and lotus. If longan is considered the king of fruit, lotus is called the queen of flowers. Hung Yen lotus has been grown in many districts like An Thi , Kim Dong, Phu Cu, Tien Lu and along the dike slopes. Lotus flowers bloom in April and May; tourists coming to Hung Yen on this occasion can see lotus everywhere. These are many beautiful lotus ponds with nice colors and flavors, lotus flowers sold in markets or lotus along the roads towards the Hung Yen city.
Hung Yen lotus is famous for not only its exquisite beauty but also its role as ingredients to create Hung Yen delicious specialty dish called longan and lotus seed soup. The essence of the soup is a combination of the sweet taste of longan, the sweet taste of lotus seed, together with the cool scent of tapioca. It is a pity for someone who does not taste this specialty. As a result, Hung Yen lotus has become a precious bringing countryside flavor for those who live far from their hometown.


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