Long Thuong Bronze Casting Village

Long Thuong bronze casting village locating in Dai Dong commune, Van Lam district, Hung Yen province is famous for products made of bronze such as incense burners, vases, etc. From the skillful hands of craftsmen in the village, these products have contributed to the beautiful village of ancient Thang Long business in the past.
According to the history books, the bronze-casting ancestor of this place is Khong Minh Khong living in the Ly Dynasty in the 12th century. He came here and taught the bronze casting to the villagers. In order to pay respect and gratitude to Khong Minh Khong - who had the merits of propagating the occupation, the villagers here cast his statue and have worshipped him up to now.

According to local legend, bronze casting in Dai Dong commune reached its peak under the reign of Le – Trinh Dynasty. Prior to 1990, four of the nine villages of Dai Dong, namely, Bung Dong, Van O, Xuan Phao and Long Thuong still remained the traditional profession. But now there is only Long Thuong bronze casting village.
In the past, Long Thuong bronze casting village specialized in casting statues, peaks and bells. Nowadays, this village has also produced worshiping items such as peaks, cranes, candlesticks, lamps, bowls, incense sticks and things on the altar of every family. The main material is copper; the additives are tin and lead. The fuel used to burn is coal. The main tools for bronze casting include bellows, kilns and molds. Also, there are some other specialized tools such as crockery, water bowl, iron chisel, bronze scoop, etc.

A bronze product is made by the heart and talent of artisans. A good craftsman must master five fine techniques including shaping, molding to mold into copper, pouring copper, engraving on the surface of the product and polishing. Bronze casting requires not only technical requirements but also sophistication, skill, patience and passion for the work.
Coming here, you can study and experience how to manually make a product from copper under the guidance of the craftsman. It's a great experience and meaningful if you're interested.
Today, Long Thuong bronze casting village has been expanded to produce and diversify its occupations. Thanks to the complete organization, the village has quickly developed with the copper casting, copper mound advanced in the copper training experience.
The young artisans have been advancing the essence of their predecessors to apply new methods of production to create products which not only retain the traditional look, but are also more acute. The revitalization of a village not only solves jobs for local residents, but it is also a unique village culture.
If you have a chance to visit Hung Yen, please visit Long Thuong bronze casting village so that you can see the beautiful copper products and feel the love of artisans here.


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