Dried longan traditional village

Long an has been known as one of the celebrities of Pho Hien - Hung Yen so far. The bumper of longan has created a famous traditional handicraft known as dried longan processing craft.

Every year, when longan season comes, inhabitants throughout Hung Yen are busy processing dried longan, especially in Hung Yen city, Tien Lu, Phu Cu, etc. From here, bright yellow longan with aromatic and juicy flavor will be taken to the domestic and foreign markets. 
In order to have the most delicious longan, people must choose fresh, sweet and thick pulp longan, which are always Huong Chi longan and sweet longan. After being selected, longan pulp will be separated from the seed by cyclone oen (the mental object with spiky as a fountain pen). The longan swirling is a careful and skillful step so that the pulp is not torn. After being separated from seed and cover, the pulp is carefully arranged on the mesh wattle and then put into dryer. After 24 hours of drying, the pulp is taken out and turned until it is dried.

People can make many delicious and nutrient dishes or traditional medicine from longan that can cure some diseases such as asthenia, anemia, psychathenia, and so on. Coming to Hung Yen, your trip will not be perfect if you do not enjoy longan and drink longan wine.

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