Cao musk incense traditional village

Those coming to Hung Yen to visit Cao village, Bao Khe commune, Hung Yen City are impressed by the trade of making musk incense here. The aroma of traditional ingredients can be smelt everywhere in Cao village.

The incense production has been the traditional trade of Cao village for hundreds of years.  Legend has it that Mrs Dao Thi Khuong, a beautiful and talented girl of Cao village, got married to a Chinese man. She learnt how to make musk incense there and taught her villagers how to make musk incense when she came back to her hometown.
Through ups and downs, Cao village musk incense has been its own characteristics that other incenses cannot be as fragrant and flammable as Cao village musk incense. The smell of Cao village musk incense has a distinct aroma, with mild and redolent smell.

Most of the stages of making musk incense are made by manual methods. The makers have to pay much attention to make musk incense so as to create good incense. After being made, musk incense is dried outside to create either nice color or fragrance. Musk incense is dried under the sun either one day if it is hot or two - three days if it is cloudy. Makers avoid putting incense through fire because musk incense will be lost and low-quality. It is the workers' carefulness and strictness in each stage that is the key to create and famousness for Cao village musk incense.

The production technology of making musk incense is simple; makers can make tools by themselves or buy them; materials of making musk incense are from herbs. However, it is not true that everyone has got "natural bond" with this job. It is Cao village villagers who can actually live by making musk incense. Some thriving families open big famous shops in big cities such as Quang Thai, Van Hoa, Hoang Phat (Hanoi), Dong Phat (Ha Dong), Hong Phuc (Hue), Dong An bones (Saigon), Dong An American (Hai Duong), etc. In months closest to the Tet Holiday, Cao villagers often come to big cities to make and sell musk incense so as to reduce transportation costs. However, the main output of musk incense is produced in Cao village .

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