Ban Soy Sauce Traditional Village

There is a folksong: “Vong grean rice, Me Tri rice, Ban soy sauce, Lang basil are the most delicious food”. This folksong praises the outstanding and delicious dishes including Ban soy sauce (Hung Yen).

About 25km from Ha Noi, Ban soy sauce is made in Ban hamlet, Yen Nhan commune, My Hao district, Hung Yen province. Ban soy sauce traditional village is a famous village for a long time. If visitors have chances to go through this town, they will easily see many shops of Ban soy sauce.

In order to make delicious soy sauce, it is very important to prepare materials and understand the way of mixing ingredients. According to residents in Ban village, ingredients of Ban soy sauce consist of glutinous rice, salt and soya. First, glutinous rice is cooked, and then dried under the sun for 5 days. Soya is roasted, sunk in water and kept together with ripened glutinous rice for 7 days until they are mouldy. After that, people take soya, glutinous rice and salt into a jar and keep them there for 2 months. After 2 months, soy sauce can be used. More interestingly, the more soy sauce is kept, the more delicious it is. Ban soy sauce is kept in jar in 2 years will have the most delicious taste.

Ban soy sauce can be used together with other fishes such as boiled spinach, braised fish, goat meat, etc. One who used to enjoy Ban soy sauce will never forget the attractive flavor of this food. As a folk song used to say:

“Miss hometown whenever being far from home
Miss soup of spinach, miss eggplant with soy sauce”.


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