Tong Tran Temple Festival

On May 20th, the opening ceremony of Tong Tran temple festival is held in Tong Tran commune, Phu Cu district, Hung Yen province.

First Doctoral candidate Tong Tran was known for the famous story called “Tong Tran – Cuc Hoa”. He was born on April 15th, 544 in An Cau village, Tong Tran commune, Phu Cu district. He was ranked as the First Doctoral candidate when he was 7 years old.
When he went porcelain, China King used many ways to challenge Tong Tran’s talent. However, Tong Tran performed so excellent that China King praised him as the 1st talent in 18 countries and ranked him as the “Two-countries’ First Doctoral candidate”.
The First Doctoral Candidate Tong Tran died in 621. Tong Tran temple was built in order to worship him. The temple consists of front-worshipping room and harem. It was recognized as historical and cultural relics at national level in 1991 by the Government.
In order to commemorate the “Two-countries’ First Doctoral candidate”, the temple festival is annually held from the 9th to the 15th of April in Lunar Calendar. During the festival, the most special part making the difference of the Tong Tran temple festival among other festivals is the water, pen and ink pot procession festival which is a beauty to praise the learning/studying.  According to the practice, visitors come to the temple to ask for water from the water container in the water, pen and ink pot procession to rub on children’s head so that the children will become intelligent and good at studying. Therefore, prior to every competition, many candidates and their relatives come here for worshiping, offering notebooks, pens to be blessed by Tong Tran First Doctoral Candidate so that they can pass the competitions.
Together with special parts, the festival also includes a lot of games at both days and nights. During the festival part, there are “Cheo” singing, “quan ho” singing, human chess, cock fighting, football, volleyball, etc.


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