The Opening Ceremony of Ba Chua Kho Temple Festival in Hung Yen City 2017

On the morning of March 28th (March 1st in Lunar Calendar), Quang Trung district and Hung Yen city hold the opening ceremony of Ba Chua Kho temple festival 2017.
Ba Chua Kho temple which was built in the 17th century is one of relics belonging to Pho Hien relics group, which was recognized as the special national relic in 2014. The temple locates at Dien Bien III street, Quang Trung ward, Hung Yen city. Ba Chua Kho was truly name as Le Bach Nuong.
Having royalty backgrounds, Ms Le Bach Nuong was a patriotic beautiful woman. At that time, the country was invaded, she asked permission to be engaged in the country, and she was assigned to be in charge of treasury warehouse in Vinh Ty Don (Hung Yen city today). When the Northern enemy invaded our country, she joined to protect the treasury so that it could not be fallen into the hands of the invader. However, because of the strong invader, our troops could not resist; as a result, Ms Le Bach Nuong had committed suicide and she splashed their blood around silver flakes to make enemy terrified. She had heroically sacrificed when she was not 30 years old. After her death, people established the temple to worship her. She was recognized her merits by Le Dynasty and later dynasties; her temple was recognized as “Thien phu chu tich” which means the place to store treasury.
Currently, the temple preserves many valuable antiques such as 02 conferment papers dated to Khai Dinh time, bronze statues, silver brooch, antique porcelain hyacinth, etc.
The Ba Chua Kho temple festival 2017 is held from March 28th, 2017 to March 30th, 2017 (From March 1st to March 3rd in Lunar Calendar) with many cultural activities such as incense offering ceremony and many folk games like Chinese chess, cockfighting, which attract many citizens and visitors.


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