Tan La Temple Festival 2017 in Hung Yen City

In the morning of April 11th, 2017, at Tan La temple (Doan Thuong hamlet, Bao Khe commune, Hung Yen city), people hold the incense offering ceremony to commemorate General Vu Thi Thuc and the opening ceremony the festival.

The temple worships General Nguyen Thi Thuc, an excellent general who took part in Hai Ba Trung uprising against the Eastern Han dynasty invader. This is the place where soldiers of Can Vuong Movement trained all day and night. It became a solid revolution basis to bring up soldiers. Tan La temple was considered as a secret place where revolution leaders directed to attack enemy on Road 39A to destroy Doc Suoi post.
Every year, Tan La temple festival is held from March 15th to March 17th (Lunar Calendar) to attract thousands of visitors. Moreover, the temple is organized in order to honor the fine traditions of the nation, show the traditional moral “drinking water, remember its source” and unique cultural activities and educate the tradition of patriotic and protecting independence for the following generations.


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