Ghenh Temple Festival 2017

On April 8th, 2017 (March 12th in Lunar Calendar), Ghenh temple festival is held in Nhu Quynh town, Van Lam district in order to celebrate the 973th anniversary of the birth of the King’s Mother Y Lan (March 7th, 1044 – March 7th, 2017).

King’s Mother Y Lan was born on March 7th, 1044 at Ngoc Quynh hamlet, Nhu Quynh town, Hung Yen province. She was the wife of King Ly Thanh Tong and the mother of King Ly Nhan Tong. According to historical books, she was an intelligent and pretty woman who used to help the king manage the country twice.
She suggested many guidelines and strategies that help reduce hunger, develop agriculture, recruit talented people and defeat the enemies. She also had merits in spreading Buddhism by building many pagodas, encouraging learning and rewarding monks.
In 1115, due to the age, the King’s mother Y Lan came to her hometown and stayed there. She built Thuy Lau Dai to welcome guests, rest and led a religious life. After she died (on July 25th, 1117), Thuy Lau Dai was upgraded to a temple for worshipping her. It was called Ghenh temple. The temple was recognized as the cultural and historical relic at national level in 1993.
Every year, local people hold the temple festival on the days when she was born and when she died in order to commemorate her great merits. During three days of the festival, there are many attractive cultural and sport activities like offering incense, Quan ho singing, poetry exchanging, badminton, volleyball and other folk games.


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