Festival of Ne Chau Communal House

Ne Chau communal house was built in Ne Chau hamlet, Hong Nam ward, Hung Yen city, under the reign of Tien Le dynasty. The communal house worships 03 Kings named Linh Lang, Cao Son and Le Long Kinh.

The festival of Ne Chau communal house is held from the 13th to the 15th of January (Lunar Calendar). The festival consists of two parts like the ceremony and the festival. With respects, everyone prays for good things for their family. The ceremony takes place solemnly and respectfully. Moreover, there are many folk games in the festival, for example, kite flying, cock fighting, etc. In addition, people organize palanqueen procession from Ne Chau communal house to Ne Chau pagoda and vice versa.

It can be said that the festival of Ne Chau communal house is held formally and it attracts lots of visitors coming to find out its history as well as to remember merits of the three Kings.


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