Cuu Thien Huyen Nu Temple Fesival

Cuu Thien Huyen Nu temple locates at Dien Bien 3, Le Loi ward, Hung Yen city. This temple worships Ms. Cuu Thien Huyen Nu Chan Quan. She had merits to protect people from danger; therefore, she was honored as a saint.

In order to commemorate her merits, the festival is held in 3 days, from September 9th to September 11th (Lunar Calendar). The festival consists of two parts like the ceremony and the festival. On September 9th (Lunar Calendar), people held incense offering ceremony and offerings. On September 10th (Lunar calendar), people organize the opening ceremony and inauguration the Harem of the temple. In the afternoon, they held the incense offering ceremony.On September 11th (Lunar Calendar), the organizers welcome visitors to come to the temple to give offerings. 

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