Au Co Temple Festival– The Place to Preserve National Tradition

In harmony with the atmosphere of the National Day on March 10th (Lunar Calendar), Au Co Temple in Hung Cuong commune, Hung Yen city solemnly held a festival to remind us the tradition of “Drinking water, remember the source”.

Au Co temple in Hung Cuong commune worships Au Co and Lac Long Quan who had great merits to create the Vietamese people. According to the records, on the road to chase the Champa emperor, King Le Dai Hanh stayed at Hoang Xa Temple and he was given 24 generals by Au Co.
After winning the battle, the King built the temple to thank for Au Co. Every year, the festival is open from March 8th to March 10th in the lunar calendar to show the gratitude to the saint. Especially, the festival takes place happily on March 10th, which attracts lots of people and visitors.
The festival is organized with special cultural activities such as the incense offering ceremony to Au Co and Lac Long Quan, the Hung Kings, the predecessors and heroic martyrs who have contributed to the country. The festival also organizes the procession of the Red River to offer the Mother in order to pray for good weather, good harvest and bring wealth for the country.
In the festival, the monk of Hoang Xa pagoda opened lectures on the Lac Hong descendants of our compatriots as well as the history of our nation. Since then, today's generation can understand the merits of their ancestors, respect and preserve the valuable assets created by their ancestors.
Le Van Truc, a senior of the village said that "My local festival has existed for a long time and it has gone into the subconscious mind of every citizen from the old to the young. The festival has its great meaning, which reminds people of the tradition of their homeland and nation.


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