Visiting Hung Yen to enjoy Sardine

Every spring, when the cold is melted and the air is warmer, sardines swim to the river to lay eggs. Sardines are available in many places, but the sardines caught from the Red River are the best. Hung Yen who work far away from their home or tourists from other provinces and cities every February, March always visit Hung Yen to enjoy this attractive specialty.

The sardines are delicious after the full moon in January. Sardines are fish that live on the beach and brackish water at river mouths, but in spring they come back to some rivers to spawn and reproduce. Sardines are only slightly larger than silverfish.

Coming to Hung Yen in February and March (Lunar Calendar), tourists can easily find out and buy fresh sardines in all markets in the province such as the Afternoon Market (next to Mother Temple), Pho Hien Market (Hung Yen City) or markets in Kim Dong and Khoai Chau districts. Sardines will die soon after they are put out of the water. Sardines taste delicious and aromatic; their eggs are more delicious. Once tasting, you can hardly forget.

Sardines can be processed into many dishes such as fried sardine, grilled sardine or chopped sardine depending on the preferences of each person, but the most popular dish is still fried sardines. Fish dish sounds simple but the processing of Hung Yen people is quite elaborately. After marinating fish for spices, use fresh bamboo rods and roast on the charcoal stove. Roasted fish is removed from the sticks and then fried. Fried fish must eat hot to taste delicious and keep the flavor, accompanied by dishes of herbs and lemon chili sauce.

In the midst of cold springtime, enjoying hot sardine fish with our family can make us feel the warmth of family gathering. The Red River not only brings Hung Yen land potential economic and tourism but also brings here special and attractive sardines. Sardines are not only a favorite dish, but also a delicious dish of the homeland. People who are far from the countryside often look forward to enjoy the flavor of the countryside of Hung Yen.


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