Hung Yen Longan Season

None can forget Hung Yen longan”
 “Whoever does business in anywhere

Longan has gone into traditional folksong, poems and songs about land and people of Hung Yen as indispensability so far. People compare Hung Yen as “the capital” of longan tree, and Hung Yen longan is “the King” of longan.

People cannot talk about Hung Yen without talking about Hung Yen longan. Longan has gone into children’s childhood, imprinted in the minds of those who are away from home and become a part of Hung Yen inhabitants’ life.
When longan season comes, ripened longan trees are laden with fruits as if they are waiting for being picked. Coming to Hung Yen on this season, visitors can see longan everywhere. Longan can be planted in any part of the country; however, Hung Yen longan is the best with its sweet flavor. Hung Yen longan is very delicious with its big round fruit, smooth skin, crispy pulp and brown yellow color. When you put the pulp in your mouth, you can taste “the scent like holy water” (Le Quy Don). Moreover, longan seed is black, which is compared to Hung Yen girl’s eyes.
Visiting Hung Yen longan season, visitors can feel close relationship between longan and Hung Yen citizens’ spiritual life. Longan is planted everywhere. At longan gardens, people take care of longan carefully like woman looks after her child. Although longan season is good or bad, people choose the best longan to offer their ancestors. It is like a spiritual gift, a deep culture.
Longan is mainly harvested in June (Lunar Calendar). Longan brings Hung Yen not only economic benefits but also tourism potentiality. Visiting Hung Yen on longan season, guests can view lots of longan. There are many kinds of longan for them to choose and buy. Visitors can easily buy longan at longan gardens in Pho Hien, Khoai Chau, etc. Especially, they can join to harvest longan with citizens at longan gardens. It is the longan harvested by themselves that is meaningful gifts for their relatives and friends.
Longan is the gift from heaven for Pho Hien. Apart from longan, longan timber is very solid, which is used for making household furniture. More interestingly, people think how to process dried longan. Dried longan can be eat directly or soaked with wine. It helps people eat better, sleep more deeply and behave more level-headed. There are many stages of processing dried longan. In order to have the most delicious longan, people must choose fresh, sweet and thick pulp longan, which are always Huong Chi longan and sweet longan. After being selected, longan pulp will be separated from the seed by cyclone oen (the mental object with spiky as a fountain pen). The longan swirling is a careful and skillful step so that the pulp is not torn. After being separated from seed and cover, the pulp is carefully arranged on the mesh wattle and then put into dryer. After 24 hours of drying, the pulp is taken out and turned until it is dried. Visitors coming to Hung Yen often buy dried longan as gifts for their relatives and friends.
June (Lunar Calendar) is the month of sweltering sun and suddenly rain. Walking along the land of longan, watching longan gardens, tasting sweet longan, picking longan and talking with friendly citizens, visitors will surely feel quiet, peace and comfortable after hard-working days.


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