Chinese Specialties in Pho Hien

Pho Hien famous in the 16th – 17th century is the second largest commercial port in the North. Westerners and Chinese came to Pho Hien to do business, which contributed to form a Pho Hien which was famous for the folk song “The First is Kinh Ky, the Second is Pho Hien”. Especially, Chinese people came to Pho Hien and they brought their specialties like Siu Chau candy and Suzhou Cake to use in their festivals and holidays.  

The ingredients of Siu Chau Candy are sugar, sesame and peanut. The process of making Siu Chau candy is very sophisticated, and the ingredients must be chosen carefully. Siu Chau candy is crispy, tasty, sweet and so fragrant. In the past, it was sold the best in Double Five Festival and Mid-Autumn festival. On cold days, people often eat this candy with green tea to make them warmer.

Suzhou cake is a luxury cake of urban residents, and it is used in the festival to commemorate the Saints. Suzhou cake is made of rice at Luong Dien village which is near Pho Hien. Nowadays, Luong Dien villagers don’t make this cake any more. People only make this cake on the occasion of festivals of Chinese people in Pho Hien.
Suzhou cake is different from other Vietnamese traditional ones. The cake is white with scattering brown of mushrooms and dark pink of polk meat. It is refreshing and tastes both sweet and salty.

Together with famous Pho Hien specialties such as Eel noodle, longan and lotus seed soup, etc, Siu Chau Candy and Suzhou Cake has been created the special food of Pho Hien, Hung Yen, which attracts lots of people and visitors to enjoy and remember.

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