Uncle Ho’s Memorial House

Uncle Ho, the beloved father of the nation, used to visit Hung Yen 10 times. In order to remember and appreciate his great merits, Hung Yen province has preserved and improved a house with a simple leaf roof on the Half Moon Lake. This house is called Uncle Ho’s Memorial House.

Locating next to the Half Moon lake, Uncle Ho’s Memorial House used to be the working office house of Hung Yen’s People Committee in 1956. On January 5th, 1958, once when visiting Hung Yen, Uncle Ho took a lunch break at this house. In 1973, Hai Hung Party Committee and People's Committee (now are Hai Duong and Hung Yen) decided to call this house Uncle Ho’s Memorial House.

The house consists of 3 main rooms and 1 extra room under the shade of old trees. Through many renovations, it still remains its original simplicity with bamboo, wood, brick, and so on. In the center of the house, the most important place is the altar with Uncle Ho statue and the line “Eternal gratitude to Great President Ho Chi Minh. The two sides of the house are the places to display materials and artifacts of Hung Yen province. On the left side, there is a place where Uncle Ho use to take a break with intact artifacts such as bed, furniture, wash basin. His activities were extremely simple, leaving in the heart of the Vietnamese people with memories of khaki clothes and rubber sandals, etc and the warm emotion and closed feelings when he visited Hung Yen.

On the occasions of Uncle Ho's birthday and the great holidays of the country and the province, Uncle Ho's Memorial House is the place where the leaders of Hung Yen province regularly give incense memorial to Uncle Ho, simultaneously reported to him about the implementation of his teachings as well as the construction of strong Hung Yen.

This is also a place to educate the idea and morals of Uncle Ho for younger generations to learn and follow. Uncle Ho’s Memorial House is currently managed and kept by Hung Yen Provincial Museum. Hopefully in the near future, this will be an attractive destination for visitors when they come to visiting Pho Hien national special relic.


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