Tran Temple

Tran Temple locates on Bai Say street, Quang Trung ward, Hung Yen city. The Temple worships Tran Hung Dao – a talent general and a national hero in the 13th century. He was born on December 10th 1228 in a royal family. When the Mongol invaded Vietnam 3 times, Tran Hung Dao led Vietnam’s army the 2nd and the 3rd. With the wide military knowledge and the unlimited faithfulness, Tran Hung Dao defeated the invaders. After he died, people built temples in places where he used to choose to garrison the troops. Tran temple in Hung Yen city is one of those places.

Tran temple situates in an important military position. It is the convergence of three rivers such as Red River, Luoc River and Chau Giang River. Besides, it is near the estuary. So, it is very easy for transportation. It is the reason why Tran Hung Dao chose this place to garrison his troops.

The temple was built from 1863 to 1869. It consists of front worship rooms, middle room and harem. The middle room worships 2 people of Tran Hung Dao named Yet Kieu and Da Tuong. The harem worships Tran Hung Dao and his family.
Every year, people often held festivals on August 20th, the day when he died. Tran temple was recognized as national historical relics in 1992.


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