Quan Xuyen Communal House

Quan Xuyen Communal house locates in the northeastern of Hung Yen province, about 20km from Hung Yen city. It belongs to Thanh Cong commune, Khoai Chau district, Hung Yen province. Quan Xuyen communal house worships, Saint Chu Dong Tu and his two wives.

It is said that the Five High Deities, Saint Chu Dong Tu and his wives had devoted their lives for helping people reclaim wild soil, build prosperous villages and develope trading. They became the symbol of faithfulness and loyalty in family and society. King Le Trang Thong (1533-1548) as well as Kings of following dynasties bestowed them as the Saints. Quan Xuyen is one of 72 villages along the Red River, which consider Chu Dong Tu and his two wives as the Goddesses of Village.
The traditional festival of Quan Xuyen communal house was held annually from 9th to 16th February (In lunar year) but since 1938, it has been held every three years by Cao Van Linh’s decision – an interpreter of Hung Yen province. The Quan Xuyen Communal house Festival possesses all outstanding features of other festivals in the Northern Delta.


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