Phuong Hoang Temple

Phuong Hoang Temple or Cuc Hoa Temple is located in Minh Tien Commune, Phu Cu District, Hung Yen Province. The temple is the place of worshipping Ms. Cuc Hoa, the wife of Tong Tran – the First Doctoral Candidate of Vietnam under the old system.

Story tells: Mrs. Cuc Hoa is a talented daughter of a wealthy man in a village. When she met Tong Tran with his elderly mother, because the family had to beg beggars, Cuc Hoa saw Tong Tran as a smart person, she loved him. Overcoming the rigid stereotypes of contemporary feudal society, she gave up the honor and wealth and took a difficult life. As a gentle woman, she took care of her husband so that he could study. When the court opened the examination to select talents, Tong Tran passed the exam and became the First Doctoral Candidate of Vietnam under the old system. After that, Tran went to the porcelain for ten years while Cuc Hoa was at home to take care of his mother and waited for him. She was forced to marry other man, but she was still faithful. When Tong Tran returned home, knowing that he pretended to be a beggar, he knew that Cuc Hoa was still waiting for him. So he asked her to reunite. When the King knew the story of Cuc Hoa, he named her the District lady. After Cuc Hoa passed away, villagers built a temple to worship her.
According to legend, the land of the temple today is the burial place of Ms. Cuc Hoa. However, because of the time, the ancient temple was destroyed. The temple today was rebuilt based on architecture style of Nguyen Dynasty with the theme of decoration as the four gods, etc. The middle room of the temple is the place to worship Mrs. Cuc Hoa. The two sides are the place to worship of the tutelary god of the village and Duc Ong. The harem is a place for worshiping the Buddha. The temple is the pride of Hung Yen people.
Previously on the festival days, from April 10th  to Apri 15th in Lunar Calendar, there is offering ceremony. There is a Cuc Hoa palankeen procession from Phuong Hoang temple to Tong Tran temple, and there is the procession of the hat and mandarin’s boots of Tong Tran to Cuc Hoa Temple. The temple was ranked as a national cultural and historical relic in 1991.
One can say that Cuc Hoa is a woman with full of the virtues of Vietnamese women. Overcoming the rigid prejudices of contemporary feudal society, the love of Tong Tran - Cuc Hoa has brought deep human values.


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