Nguyen Van Linh Memorial House

The General Secretary Nguyen Van Linh is the excellent student of President Ho Chi Minh; his name is associated with the period of national liberation, reunification and Innovation of Vietnam. Through ups and downs, the image of Nguyen Van Linh still remains in the heart of each Vietnamese.

Among hustle and chaos of work and life, you should spend your time on your emotions. Do not forget to visit Hung Yen to visit Nguyen Van Linh memorial house and other famous places here.
Due to great dedication throughout his life for the country, the Vietnamese Party and our nation has spent special emotional gratitude to Mr. Nguyen Van Linh. In order to show the tradition “Drink water, remember its source”, Hung Yen leaders decided to build the memorial house on the ancient land of Nguyen Van Linh’s family at Giai Pham commune, Yen My district, Hung Yen province. The memorial house was inaugurated on 27th September, 2004; it has currently total area of 4.685 m2 including house of incense offering, display house, etc. Also, the memorial house has structure of traditional North Delta worshipping house. The main area is a five-room memorial display house with the area of 254 m2. Here, the General Secretary Nguyen Van Linh is worshipped in the middle of the house, his ancestors are worshipped on the right, and Kitchen God is worshipped on the left. Moreover, there are Horizontal lacquered board and parallel sentences to praise his merits for the country.

At the display house, there are images of Mr. Nguyen Van Linh and the children, books written by him and precious medals awarded by the State and the Party. Besides, there are over 100 documents and artifacts illustrating his life and career, together with precious objects provided by his family and some other provinces. All the documents and artifacts are divided into 4 themes such as Hometown of Mr. Nguyen Van Linh, Mr. Nguyen Van Linh with Vietnam Revolutionary, Mr. Nguyen Van Linh with his family, hometown, people and international friends, and Sentiments of the Party, the State and people for Mr. Nguyen Van Linh.
It is over 10 years since the memorial house was completed. Nguyen Van Linh memorial house has become a familiar place to welcome all people and country heads to visit, remember and express our love and respect to his great merits for our country.


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