Nam Hoa Temple

Nam Hoa Temple locates at Nam Hoa Street (the Street of Vietnamese-Japanese belonged to ancient Pho Hien), now is Bai Say street, Hung Yen city. The temple faces southwest, with the structure of the word “Nhat” (one in Chinese script) including 03 rooms. The temple was constructed under the reign of Nguyen Dynasty; its building components are harmoniously decorated to create a soft beauty and elegant style of Nguyen Dynasty’s structure.
The temple worships 03 Gods namely Duc Thien Quan Dai Vuong (Sky), Duc Tho Dia Long Than (Land) and Duc Thuy Phu Dong (Water). These three Gods represent 03 natural powers like sky, land and water. Three Gods are very miraculous, who had merits to protect inhabitants, alleviate disasters and bring good weather and good harvests. The Kings of Nguyen Dynasty ordained and let local people worship these Gods.
Every year, Nam Hoa temple festival is held on March 10th and August 10th. On March 10th, Nam Hoa temple festival is held together with festivals of Mau temple and Tran Temple. Also, this is the of opening of Cultural festivals of Pho Hien with many cultural events of Pho Hien citizens. Locating among Pho Hien special historical relic group, Nam Hoa temple is a place for researchers to find out about ancient Pho Hien.


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