Lac Thuy Pagoda

Lac Thuy pagoda locates in the center of Lac Thuy hamlet, Dong Ket commune, Khoai Chau district, Hung Yen province. The pagoda has the name of “Phap Hung Tu”. The pagoda has the structure of the 19th century and it was upgraded in 1934.
The pagoda has the structure of the word “J” including Tam Bao, ancestor worshipping house and mother worshipping house. It has total of 36 statues including some precious ancient statues, 03 Tam Thanh statues, 01 Di Da statue, Nam Tao statue and Bac Dau statue. Lac Thuy pagoda has total area of 4.441 m2. The most valuable object of Lac Thuy pagoda is the lotus pedestal which is 126 cm high, 123 cm wide and 265 cm long. The pedestal was joined from many small stones which is easy for carving. The lotus pedestal in Lac Thuy pagoda is divided into 3 parts. Morever, the pagoda has currently preserved many titles.
Lac Thuy pagoda was recognized as cultural and historical relic at national level on January 18th, 1988. Every year, the village’s festival is open on January 16th (Lunar Calendar) in oder to educate people to remember their ancestors.


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