Kim Dang Temple

As one of 16 relics belonging to Pho Hien national special relic, Kim Dang temple was built in Kim Dang hamlet, Lam Son ward, Hung Yen city.
The temple which worships general Dinh Dien and his wife Phan Thi Moi Nuong was recognized as historical relic at national level by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in 1997.  Dinh Dien came from Gia Phuong commune, Gia Vien district, Ninh Binh province. He had merits to help King Dinh Bo Linh fight against 12 armies. When Le Dai Hanh became the King, Dinh Dien asked the King to let him and his wife came back to live in Dang Man. After he died, local people built a temple to worship him and his wife.

Passing many historical ups and downs, Kim Dang temple was restored many times. Up to now, the temple has kept architecture related to Later Le dynasty and Nguyen dynasty. The temple has the structure of the word “J”, including front-worshipping room and harem.
The front-worshipping room was constructed as 2 floors and 8 storeys. The structure is quite simple. The harem is the place to worship Dinh Dien, his wife and his officials. Every year, the temple festival is held from November 15th to November 17th (Lunar calendar) in order to commemorate the day when Dinh Dien and his wife died. There are many interesting activities and traditional folk games in the festival such as cock-fighting, dragon dancing, Trong Quan singing and so on.


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