Hien Pagoda and Hien Communal House

Locating in the center of Pho Hien Ha, now is Pho Hien street, Hong Chau ward, Hung Yen city, Hien pagoda and Hien communal house are famous historical relics which attract thousands of tourists.

Hien Pagoda worships Nam Hai Buddha - Patron saint of Chinese people. It was built under the reign of Ly Dynasty, and it was upgraded in 1892. The pagoda consists of front worship house, incense burning house, middle house, corridors and ancestor worshipping house.
In front of Hien pagoda, there is an ancient longan tree with the age of over 300 years. Longan is a special food of Hung Yen province. In the past, longan was selected to worship Buddha and donated to the King. It can be said that ancient longan tree is considered as a symbol of Hung Yen land. The most valuable things of Hien pagoda are 2 stone steles. The stone stele dating back to 1625 shows that Pho Hien used to be a busy commercial port with crowded streets and markets. The stone stele dating back to 1709 named 10 streets and wards of Pho Hien in the past.
Hien communal house is next to Hien pagoda. It worships the eunuch Du. He is the founder of Hoa Duong village – the name of this village now. He had merits to help local people do farming and do business. After he died, local people built this temple to worship him and consider him as the god of the village. His tomb locates behind the communal house. Hien communal house was built at the end of the 13th century. It consists of front worship house and harem. Now, the communal house keeps some valuable things such as 2 stone steles, 3 parallels sentences and one copper bell of Nguyen Dynasty…
Nowadays, Hien pagoda and Hien communal house are famous places with the existing of the ancient longan tree. Coming to the land “The First is Kinh Ky, the Second is Pho Hien”, visitors will surely enjoy the beautiful scenes there.


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