Half-Moon Lake

The name of Half-Moon Lake can help people think of curved crescent shape of the lake. A Confucian scholar of Later Le dynasty used to write “Behold the charming lake scene, people can look at the moon when looking at the bottom of the lake”.

Half-Moon Lake is like a poem which beautifies Pho Hien urban area. One side is the busy and crowded streets; one side is beautiful Red river dike. Half-Moon Lake is a vestige of Red river when it changed its stream. Also, Half-Moon Lake is a place where many cultural and historical events were taken place.

When many festivals are organized like Mother temple festival, Tran temple festival, Pho Hien cultural festivals, etc, many exciting activities are taken place on Half-Moon Lake, for instance, swimming, boat race, fireworks and so on.
Walking along Half-Moon Lake, you will surely feel the lovely and fresh scenery with green trees and willow rows. It can be said that Half-Moon Lake has become the inspiration for poetry, music and art for a large number of artists.


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