Dong Do Quang Hoi

Belonging to Pho Hien special national relic, Dong Do Quang Hoi is evidence for the prosperity of Pho Hien in the past. Dong Do Quang Hoi locates in the center of Pho Hien in the past, now is Mau Duong hamlet, Hong Nam ward, Hung Yen city. This is the club-house of Chinese and the place to worship Three Gods who bring happy life for inhabitants.

According to annals, under the reign of Quing Dynasty, many Ming people had to leave their home to live in neighboring countries because they could not help bad domination of Qing Dynasty. 40 Chinese families from Guangdong, Guangxi and Fujian came to Pho Hien; 26 Chinese families of which came to the Central and the South while 14 Chinese families decided to live in Pho Hien. Based on Chinese legend, wherever Chinese people lived, there existed Dong Do Quang Hoi.
Dong Do Quang Hoi built in 1590 on beautiful land has the structure of the word “Nhi” (two in Chinese script). Now, there is only harem worshipping Three Gods in Dong Do Quang Hoi. Total materials and offerings were transported from Guangdong, Guangxi and Fujian by seaway by 14 Chinese families.
Moreover, Dong Do Quang Hoi still preserves many valuable and precious antiques and offerings such as Lam Ngoc bowl made of glaze, bronze oil lamp made in the 17th century by German and the offerings made of brass.
Annually, incense offerings, sacrifices and festivals of Dong Do Quang Hoi are held on October 10th (Lunar calendar). Coming to Dong Do Quang Hoi, visitors can find out the prosperity of Pho Hien in the past. Also, they can view unique architect of historical relics and find out culture and living of Pho Hien citizens.


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