Dai Dong Communal House – The Place of Preserving Vietnamese culture

Dai Dong communal house was built in Dai Dong village, Dai Dong commune, Van Lam district, Hung Yen province. It was upgraded completely in 1924. The communal house worships Tam Giang who had merits to defeat the Western Han Dynasty (China) in the past. Also, Tam Giang communal house is another name of Dai Dong communal house.

Dai Dong communal house was constructed facing the southeast including front-worshipping room, middle room and harem. The external architecture was influenced by Fujian (China).
Currently, Dai Dong communal house has preserved some valuable objects such as 12 conferments from Le dynasty to Nguyen dynasty, altar made of wood in Nguyen dynasty, etc.

Especially, Dai Dong communal house is not only a place for religious and cultural activities of the local people but also a place to attract many tourists inside and outside the country. Every year, on occasion of festivals in November and December (Lunar Calendar), people carry out solemn ceremonies to commemorate great merits of Saint Tam Giang.

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