Da Nguu Temple

Da Nguu Temple in Hung Yen province is famous for its “one hundred pillars”.
Da Nguu temple locates in Da Nguu village, Tan Tien commune, Khoai Chau district, Hung Yen province. It is one of Hung Yen’s ancient temples which still preserves the whole architecture and precious objects.

According to the elders of Da Nguu village, Da Nguu temple was built nearly 700 years ago. The temple consists of 02 houses; the ground was paved by Bat Trang brick.
Da Nguu villagers are always proud of their cultural land where Doctoral Nguyen Tu was granted the Family name “Tran” by the Tran’s King. He had great merits to reclaim the land of Van Giang. During the revolutionary period, Da Nguu was the hometown of Pho Duc Chinh – one of the Vietnamese Nationalist Party leaders.
Da Nguu temple is the place to worship Chu Dong Tu – Tien Dung.
Dinh Da Nguu still keeps intact 100 pillar which were carved skillfully, sophisticatedly and meticulously. Before and after the temple, there are two wells where the villagers plant lotus and use its water for washing thrones in the annual festivals.
More excitingly, Da Nguu temple is the witnesses of important historical events. One important event is that Pho Duc Chinh brought his organization here to set up preparations against the French. After the Yen Bai uprising failed, he was captured by French colonialists and sacrificed with Nguyen Thai Hoc and 11 soldiers...
Visiting Da Nguu temple, visitors can both see the unique architecture and listen to stories of talents and intelligence of Vietnamese people in the past.


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