An Vu Communal House

An Vu communal house locates at Chu Manh Trinh street, Hien Nam ward, Hung Yen city. It was built under the reign of Le Hien Tong (1741) and was upgraded under the reign of Nguyen Dynasty. The communal house worships Cao Son Dai Vuong, a famous general fighting against Shu army under the reign of Hung King.

Legend has it that there was a good farmer couple living at Thanh Uyen village, but it was difficult for them to have a child. One day, the wife dreamed of swallowing two eggs; she was touched and bore two sons called Cao Son and Quy Minh who were handsome, had extraordinary wealthy and excellent martial arts. Therefore, Tan Vien Son Thanh made friends with Cao Son and Quy Minh to help Hung King defeat Shu army. When Tan Vien Son Thanh, Cao Son, Quy Minh and their soldiers went to fight the invader, they were protected and provided food and water by local inhabitants. After the military defeated Shu army completely, the country returned to be peaceful.  Three generals followed the cloud to fly to the sky when people and soldiers were celebrating the victory.
An Vu communal house has the structure of “Gia chieng chong ruong” (Gong piling above Kingpost) including 05 rooms of Dai Bai (Houses of Ceremonies) and 03 rooms of Harem. The communal house was carved with many familiar themes such as flowers, dragon, phoenix, sacred animals, etc.
Located in the Pho Hien relics group, together with other relics, An Vu communal house symbolizes the prosperity of Pho Hien commercial port in the past. The communal house is the place for religious and cultural activities of local people and visitors. Every year, local inhabitants hold festival on March 10th (Lunar calendar) to review fascinating past of their ancestors, praise great contributions of Cao Son Dai Vuong to the country, and educate the traditional fondness of learning and patriotism for the next generation.
In brief, An Vu communal house belongs to Pho Hien historical relics group which was recognized as the special national relic by the Prime Minister on December 31st, 2014.


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