Trieu Quang Phuc –The teacher of Guerrilla Warfare in Vietnam

Trieu Quang Phuc has another name called Trieu Viet Vuong. His hometown is in Chu Dien district (now is Khoai Chau district). He was the son of Thai pho - Trieu Tuc (One of three highest - leveled mandarins in the royal court). , He was a senior military leader under the reign of King Ly Nam De.

His father was the first person to join forces in the rebellion of Ly Bi. Trieu Tuc who was a famous general of the Van Xuan country was appointed the Deputy Chief of military care. He sacrificed in the resistance against the Liang invaders in the coastal area. Trieu Quang Phuc initially followed his father to fight the enemy with great success. As a talented young general, he was used by Li Nam De as the General.
At the beginning of 545, Luong enemy invaded Van Xuan country with strong resistance. King Ly Nam De was not able to resist; therefore, the resistance of Tien Ly failed. In 546, Ly Nam De had to hide in Khuat Lao cave in Phu Tho province today and assigned the right to Trieu Quang Phuc to continue fighting the Luong enemy. The two sides fight many battles and fighting very fierce but none won.
Considering that it is impossible to continue openly fight with the enemy as before, Trieu Quang Phuc decided to change direction by changing the method of fighting. In 547, he brought more than 10.000 troops from the mountains to the plain, actively garrisoned troops on the base of resistance in the area of Da Trach (now is Khoai Chau district, Hung Yen province).
This delta is not as daunting as the mountainous area, but there are many canals that divide many of the marshy lagoons, which are not conducive to the operation of large armies. Such a position forces the enemy to disperse, divide the small army to lose their strengths, while at the same time creating conditions for destroying small parts, consuming enemy forces. The Delta is also a densely populated place, where people have the strength to provide long-term fighting for our troops.
At that time, Da Trach was a swampy area along the Red River, vast, reeds. In the middle is large silt, which can be used to live. The road to the bank is very private and difficult. The only way is using lightweight canoe boat surfing on the grass under the small creek to reach. Immediately after being stationed on this land, day by day, the soldiers took turns to practice, spread rice fields, grow sweet potatoes to feed themselves. At day off, all fire smoke are quiet as if there was no people live. At night, soldiers use the boat to bring out army troops to fight.
Trieu Quang Phuc was probably the first person to use guerrilla tactics. The more we hit the military, the weaker the military become. Tran Ba ​​Tien was completely helpless against this tactic. Once, he tried his best to suck our troops into the area, but no outsiders could know the shortcut of the dome. Detectives of the Luong military just as bait for the poisonous snakes as they fell into the lagoon. At that time, the people in the country in his honor is Da Trach Vuong .
In April 548, Ly Nam De died in Khuat Lao cavern. Army officers wanted Trieu Quang Phuc to replace Ly Nam De, but he only proclaimed himself as Trieu Viet Vuong. Also in that year, availing himself of the internal disturbances in China, he defeated the Luong invaders.
As the country was clear of invaders, he moved to Long Bien and continued the cause of the former Ly dynasty to reconstruct the country. In 557, Ly Phat Tu, a nephew of Ly Bon, who had previously escaped to Da Nang cavern (Now in Thanh Hoa province), led troops to fight Trieu Viet Vuong. After a period of fighting without victories by both sides, they came to a conciliation and set up a border in Quan Than (Thuong Cat and Ha Cat of the current Tu Liem district - Hanoi), and established a marriage relation. Nha Lang, a son of the Ly family, got married to Cao Nuong, a daughter of the Trieu family. The Ly family set up its capital in O Dien while the capital of the Trieu family was set up in Long Bien.
In 571, because of lacking vigilance over Ly Phat Tu's fraudulence, Trieu Quang Phuc was defeated and retreated to the south. He threw himself into Dai An seaport (Currently in Nam Dinh province).
Mourning over him and his contributions as a hero of national salvation, people set up temples for worshipping him in many places. In Da Trach temple (Khoai Chau district), his votive tablet is placed next to that of Chu Dong Tu – Tien Dung.


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