The scientist Nguyen Cong Tieu

Nguyen Cong Tieu was born in 1892 and died in 1976 in Tra Bo village, Phan Sao Nam commune, Phu Cu district. hung Yen province. When he was small, he learnt Chinese characters. When he grew up, he studied the national language. With the reality of production in his countryside, he thought about why the piece of land in the field could make flower better than the rice field without strawberry. He called himself Minh Nong, which meant a cock waking up people for work in the early morning.
When he finished primary school, Mr. Tieu studied at Buoi School in Hanoi. After graduating from Baccalaureate, he chose the College of Agriculture and Forestry, which was the school of few people to study at that time to study, to learn about rattan flowers and herbs. In 1922, after his graduation, he wrote a notice for mulberry flowers to the expanded Pacific Science Conference in Giava. The notice was printed in the conference proceedings and sent to the academies of science.
Nguyen Cong Tieu was the only Vietnamese member of the Indochina Scientific Research Association. He was the founder of the Science Journal (1931). This journal was published until August 1941 when its publication was suspended. He focused his efforts on scientific research and spreading the scientific knowledge about plants, especially water hyacinths. Some of his works include Secrets of water hyacinths (1934) and A study of water hyacinths (1934). He carried out research on the plants listed in “Wonders of Universe” (1929).
As a scientist, he traveled to many places in the world. Whenever he came, he always looked for plants that can be grown in his country. He carried out research on plants and generated new varieties. He also studied techniques for protection against harmful insects. He gave presentations about water hyacinths and “duc de” fish (a kind of fish that damages dykes), at tropical and sub-tropical agronomy conference in the 1930’s and presented a kind of leaves to control these fish. He found out how to tan snake skin, to colour glass and make perfume from plants.
The scientist Nguyen Cong Tieu is a pride of the Phu Cu land which has tradition of fondness for learning , the land of Tong Tran, with important and meaningful research works associated with farmers and agriculture of the country.


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