Dao Nuong – The Founder of Vietnamese Ca Tru Singing

Dao Nuong (also known as Dao Thi Hue) is the woman who not only was the founder of Vietnamese Ca Tru sining but also had great merits to kill the Ming enemies.
Dao Thi Hue was born in Dao Dang hamlet, Trung Nghia commune, Hung Yen city, Hung Yen province. When she was young, she was famous for her beauty and excellence in her village.
When she was 18 years old, the Ming enemies, who attacked our country, built camps in hamlets and villages in order to pillage our properties and kill our people. Men were forced to perform heavy works which lead them to the death while women were force to become slaves. All the villagers and citizens felt a vindictive hatred for the aggressors and the traitors; therefore, Dao Thu Hue discussed with people to find the way to kill the enemies.
Thanks to her excellence and beauty, Dao Nuong quickly attracted the attention of the Minh enemies. They turned her pub into a place where they meet, eat and rest without any precautions. Every day, the Ming soldiers often came to the pub of Dao Nuong to indulge in the lavish feasting all the night. After eating and drinking well, they fell asleep. At that time, Dao Dang village was was originally a reed area with many insects, especially mosquitoes. Therefore, in order to avoid the cold and mosquitoes, the Minh invaders made bags of sackcloth to be warm and safe from insects.
When the night they came, the Ming slept in those bags. Dao Nuong was asked to tie and open the bags. With this work, she came up with plans to kill the enemies. After informing the plane to Lam Son army, Dao Nuong secretly found the elders and men in the village to throw those bags into the river. Especially, those bags were tied up with rocks; as a result, the enemies could not escape in case they woke up.
The number of the enemies was gradually decreasing until the general of the enemies could not find the reason. He ordered to check the number of the enemies, and found that the number decreased to a half. He thought that this place was a poisonous land and decided to move his soldiers to another place. So, Dao Dang citizens lived peacefully since then.
When Dao Nuong passed away, villagers built a temple called Dao Nuong for worshipping her. When the country is peace and independent, King Le Thai To conferred Dao Nuong as “Phuc than kien quoc, trinh liet phu nhan” and asked to upgrade the temple. Dao Nuong was proclaimed the founder of Vietnamese Ca Tru Singing. The Dao Nuong temple became a cultural and historical relic – the pride of Dao Dang in particular and of Hung Yen in general.


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