Bui Thi Cuc - The hero of People's Police

Bui Thi Cuc, whose real name was Tran Thi Lan, was born in 1930 in Van Mac village, Van Du commune, An Thi district. Born and grown up in a poor and heavily indebted family, she was sent to a family living in the next village to be adopted child for debt payment.



After the August Revolution in 1945, Bui Thi Cuc worked for the local government, and then she was selected staff of An Thi district Women Union. At that time, because An Thi was a “hot” district of Hung Yen, the French Colonialists established a number of military stations, raided and robbed villagers. Bui Thi Cuc was assigned by An Thi Communist Party to return to her village and carry out trading activities in Canh Lam market to do espionage task by distinguishing as a betrayer.

Suffering from the sneer and bad words of her family and villagers, she tried to make friends with Nhi and pretended to love him in order to get information concerning the activities of the enemy and reported to her leaders. She persuaded Nhi to accept De - her lover - as well as the secret police as their informer and to provide De a license to go back and forth Canh Lam post. After several failures in their raid, they suspected Cuc and De. Given that context, the leaders requested them to kill Nhi in Van Mac village and then withdraw. To carry out this task, she arranged to meet only Nhi in Van Mac village and killed him.

Finding out that Nhi was missing, soldiers in Canh Lam post raided and arrested all men in the village, destroyed all houses in the village. On the way to escape, she was arrested with other people of neighboring village. Suffering from their tortures, she took all of claims and did not betray her comrades and supporting villagers.

, 1950, the French killed her on the dyke of Luc Dien River. Her sacrifice became the symbol of brave communists. Uncle Ho granted her the title "Live bravely and die honorably"thAdmitting that they could not defeat her will and spirit, on May 15

In 1995, Bui Thi Cuc was bestowed the title "The hero of People's Police".


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