Hung Yen Museum, place of conserving and promoting cultural heritage value

Situated beside Ban Nguyet (Half-Moon) lake, a landscape of Pho Hien - Hung Yen and next to the Memorial House of President Ho Chi Minh, with the space of Pho Hien historical relics such as Mau Temple (Mother Temple), Tran temple,  Hung Yen Museum is located in quiet space which is ancient but beautiful and poetic.
Hung Yen Museum was founded in 1960, originally as the Revolutionary Museum of Hung Yen province. It is an organization under the management of Hung Yen Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism. It has functions of collecting, inventorying, preserving and exhibiting collection of Hung Yen's history, nature and society, and it serves the demand of learning, studying, visiting and enjoying culture of people. The museum is both a scientific research agency of cultural heritage and an organization to promote the value of cultural heritage for the sake of the whole society. As a cultural heritage research office, Hung Yen Museum has excavated many ancient and value artifacts in terms of history and culture. In many programs and plans of the Central and Local, it has also participated in order to provide records and documents, scientific resume of many monuments, documents, artifacts... for many organizations and  institutes of history and culture.
The display house of Hung Yen museum has structure of three adjoining rooms. In the centre of the house, it is the place to display the natural small rough model of  economy - culture - society in order to give us a general view on many aspects of Hung Yen province. This is the central room to put the statue of President Ho Chi Minh, the great leader of our nation.
On the left of the display house, there are photos, documents and artifacts made from many materials... so as to express Hung Yen's history and culture during the ancient and medieval times. The typical artifacts belongs to the period of Dong Son culture, especially Dong Xa drums together with many artifacts made of bronze and ceramics. Besides, there are many images of historical and cultural relics of Hung Yen including vestiges of renowed Pho Hien in the past.
On the right of the display house, there are pictures of typical documents and artifacts, which are examples to illustrate the history of glorious revolutionary struggle of Hung Yen since the Party was founded. Also, the pictures of Hung Yen's economical-social achievement since the day of re-establishing Hung Yen province in 1997 have been displayed here. On occassions such as the founding  anniversary of Vietnam Communist Party (3/2), the Southern Liberation and National Reunification Day (30/4), the birthday of President Ho Chi Minh (19/5), the August Revolution and National Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (2/9), the Vietnam People's Army Establishment Day (22/12) and so on, Hung Yen Museum displays the series of events and historical happenings to create a turning point in the historical process of our country.
It is these images and exhibits that help the viewers understand better about the history and culture of either our nation in general or Hung Yen in particular. Moreover, these images have created great influence on fostering tradition patriotic spirit, ethnic pride, human moral sense and glorious revolutionary struggle... of our nation since our country was founded.
In order to diversify the content of the Museum's activities and meet better the needs of enjoying culture of Hung Yen inhabitants as well as visitors, Hung Yen Museum regularly coordinates with other organizations under Hung Yen Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, UNESCO, Museums of other provinces, organizations and clubs of ancient antiques inside and outside the province to build special subjects to serve visitors. On the other hand, the Museum actively involves in collaboration with organizations, cultural institutions to carry documents and artifacts to exhibit at other localities so as to introduce, promote and help people understand more clearly about Hung Yen, the land of  rich history, civilization and culture.     
Beside the tasks of researching and displaying, Hung Yen Museum is also interested in the storage and preservation of documents and artifacts in order to protect the documents, exhibits from damage and impact of the environment. The Museum not only performs its professional tasks well, but it also has many practical activities such as participating in many programs, cultural events and political activities of Hung Yen.
Due to the museum's age, severe weather conditions and climate, many infrastructure works of Hung Yen Museum have been degraded and damaged, which affect its activities. Thanks to the attention of Hung Yen People's Council and Hung Yen Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the project of constructing Hung Yen Museum has been approved, and  the process of construction has been being carried out. Certainly, in the new conditions, with better equipment and infrastructure, Hung Yen Museum will excellently perform its role and become a destination to visit, study and research of many researchers, pupils, students, inhabitants and visitors.


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